Pâtisserie Luc OLIVIER is a family company founded in 1885 and currently run by Luc OLIVIER its 4th generation representative. He has always been driven by passion and professionalism. He won Arpajon Gastronomy Contest in 1985, a contest which is aims to reward the finest gourmet  creations.


Verser la crème Luc OLIVIER Lille
Luc OLIVIER pourring the cream

Located in "Vieux-Lille", near Treille Cathedral, Luc OLIVIER offers a full range of desserts : ornamental cakes, artistic sugar pieces, chocolate pieces and much more, for your gastronomic pleasure.

Everything is handmade with the freshest and finest ingredients from France and abroad and served with their authentic flavors. His artistic creations are a visual enjoyment, and there is special added touch that is kept secret...



Pièce en sucre Luc OLIVIER LILLE
Parrot, flowers and bamboo made of sugar




 Artistic sugar preparation is a glass-like work.  The work process consists of heating sugar while heated the sugar preparation is to be handled with care : to be blown, to be stretched, to be softened...

Quelques gâteaux Luc OLIVIER LILLE
Some cakes Luc OLIVIER

When  entering the shop, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be embraced by the irresistible sweet honey caramel chocolate sents... 

Your only whish will be to taste those fine crackings of roasted dried fruits.

 Luc OLIVIER , gladly ships orders of chocolates or waffels...for International Customers. Parcells wil be delivered by Colissimo.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any queries or questions regarding an order.

Truffes par Luc OLIVIER Lille
Trufffles by Luc OLIVIER

Luc OLIVIER shares with you

the "Wild Truffle recipe"

- 570 g liquid cream

- 560 g chocolate

-  45 g glucose

-  25 g butter

- cocoa powder


1) Boil the cream and glucose.

2) Pour the mixture onto finely chopped chocolate.

3) Let it cool down and add softened butter.

4) On a baking paper/ dipping sheet, form the dough into small balls (using icing-ag and a smooth nozzle or a teaspoon).

5) Leave it until cristallize for 10 hours.

6) Soak  in  melt dark chocolate couverture at the correct temperature.

7) Remove the truffles using a dipping fork and roll them in the cocoa powder.


Or you can :

1) Visit France, go to Lille.

2) Find 3 Mollettes street (Near Treille Cathedral).

3) Enter the shop number 42...

For further information, feel free to send us an email :            luc.olivier.chocolatier@gmail.com

Put your name, adress and leave your message.

Pâtisserie LUC OLIVIER





La pâtisserie en 1912
La pâtisserie en 1912
L' art et l'artisan ou l'artiste?
L' art et l'artisan ou l'artiste?